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How to adjust and Overcome With Your Kick


You and your training partners are in a constant struggle to improve and develop that kick, but you catch on to this struggle. You don't want to settle with the idea that you are going to keep building a bridge just to have a truck break it down. You want to get on top of the problem and make a bridge that is unbreakable. You start to think about your kick. You think about your training partners and what they are doing. You figure out the solution. Kick faster, harder and maybe higher. Now you have to re learn your own body. You start training your body to kick faster. You start conditioning your body to kick harder and you start working on the needed stretches to kick higher. This leads to a whole new world of training ideas.

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Does Martial Arts Make You Smarter

Imagine this, you start to learn simple math. Adding and subtracting. You learn the rules, if you add you just put the two numbers together, if you subtract you take the smaller number out of the larger one. You even catch on to the 'tricks of the trade' if you're adding a number by 9 it's the it's that number's teen minus 1 (IE "9 +5 + 14" ). You have this easy system all understood. It only took you a few days of learning along with a few nights of homework and a test at the end of the class to make sure you got it. Right? Now imagine that the adding and subtracting rules change every so often. What if the numbers have minds of their own and figure out when you catch on and change their ways to keep you on your toes. You'd have to constantly learn and study and always keep an attention for detail right? Now ask yourself, does that make a person smarter? It has to; they are always using their brains and keeping constant to change.

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