The Verite Foundation Offers Martial Arts For Supplemental Therapy

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Life has a way of giving you trials that sometimes seem to keep you from living your life to the fullest. There's therapy and traditional methods, but what happens when those methods don't help as much as you want? What do you do if you can't access proper treatment? And how to do you supplement treatment to make sure that you're always moving forward?

The Verite Foundation is founded around a central program of using Martial Arts training to help you overcome challenges through fellowship and guidance. Our students, or constituents, receive private instruction in the form of a mentorship geared towards reintegration to a group setting in a nearby partner school that exhibits all of the key training styles that Verite promotes. 

If you're affected by PTSD, or if you know someone who is and think they could benefit from a mentorship with Verite, just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more.

How Do I get Started With The Verite Foundation?

The first thing you'll find when you work with us is that we put all of the focus on you, your health, and your safety. Each constituent that we work with is set up with a Mentor to decide how often and how quickly your training takes place. We start out by setting up a private gym in your home so that you and your Mentor have a foundation of training in a place that is comfortable and familiar before branching out to practice in a public space or with other students.

Each step of the way, we check in to make sure that your training is providing you with the rehabilitation you need. Our ultimate goal is to have you comfortable with training in group settings at a school nearby, but the journey to that point is what we focus on most.

How Is Martial Arts an Effective Method?

There are a lot of reasons we use Martial Arts training as the basis in our recovery. For one, Martial Arts have a longstanding reputation for offering more than a fitness regimen; all Martial Arts are based in community, discipline, respect, patience, and consistency. These fundamental tenets help add structure to recovery that could otherwise feel empty.

Another reason we utilize Martial Arts is the fact that most classes are anywhere from low-contact to full-contact sports. Being able to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai, or any other Martial Art requires a significant level of trust in your fellow students and trust in yourself. Through developing trust in increments, our constituents are able to return to their community more comfortably and more easily.

Lastly, we want to offer a service that helps people get back to doing the things that they love. And there are times where PTSD can keep former athletes and artists from training in an art that brings them happiness. We saw a need for this method of recovery and are proud to be able to offer it to an ever growing community.

How Do I Get Set Up With A Sponsor?

The first step is deciding you're ready to improve your life! We have established mentorships in Raleigh, Durham, Holly Springs, Charlotte, Burlington, and Southern Pines, but we're always interested in helping more people. So if you're in North Carolina, South Carolina, or across the country, get in touch with us today to see how The Verite Foundation can help you.

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